Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Birthday at the Story,

A very fine culinary chapter in our London Story.
An organoleptic adventure - chapter by chapter.

The candle is beef fat melted for dipping the bread. Unctuous aptly describes the creamy fat and the beef jelly. Some of us can remember having toast with dripping and salt and pepper for breakfast. Who'd have thought it would become a fine restaurant menu item. 

The asparagus sits atop mashed potato, the scallops are raw and creamy, rabbit sandwiches sit on the moss, crab is wrapped in finely sliced avocado, the nasturtium flower is stuffed with oyster mousse. This is my birthday meal for 2016. So wonderful. to be with Hamiah and Melba.

Such is the style of the Story that when Dick arrived late and wearing his motorbike gear they welcomed him without a perceptible flicker.

Oh, and they served tea made with fresh mint. A hallmark of a very good kitchen.


Margit said...

It looks absolutely delicious. Beautiful creations!
I wished we could have shared the food and the birthday with you. Love Margit

Diana Hubbard said...

You would have loved it.