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Chapter 3 - Lucky Country, Lucky Ride.

We are almost on the road again.

Mella, our motorcycle, has arrived in Sydney and has cleared Australian customs and Agriculture inspections. She is yellow. A BMW GSA1200. I'll reintroduce her soon. Dick will fetch her tomorrow and we will pack her up ready to head north on Tuesday.
Dick will be steering and I will be taking photographs, musing, and looking forward to meeting friends, and friends that we haven't yet met.

I'll share some of the pearls with you.

It is almost one year to the day since we rode out of Vancouver with Ken and Shirley to Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic Ocean.  Dick and I are apparently the oldest couple to have ridden the complete journey from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia two-up.
We rode around Tasmania in April this year and are now ready for another big adventure.

While it is the beginning of a new motorcycle adventure for us it is the last day of the monorail in Sydney.
 Passengers wait, accompanied by melancholic bass sounds.

Aha a billowing flag - such…