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An overnight ride to Haast, South Westland. 465km

This week we responded to the call of Haast on the west coast of the South Island and set off on a planned ride with John and Cath.  
Dick's usual good planning brought us a wonderful ride in glorious weather. A wonderful ride with friends, Cath and john. Its the first time we have ridden with company for a long time. Am thinking of rides with Radioman and Ken and Shirley.
While the rest of NZ seemed to be facing thunderstorms we enjoyed warm and dry conditions. The recent lack of rain in southern Westland meant that the breeding patterns of sandflies and mosquitos  had been interrupted.  We encountered none.
Whitebait patties, salmon and venison for dinner at Haast.  Plenty of conversation. Photos of the Haast road builders at work helped us appreciate the road we had just ridden along.  Bridges built, rocky bluffs blasted, and lives lost.
Next day we rode to Jackson Bay. Whitebait stands have been raised at season's end. Crayfish pots are stacked ready for next year.
A day …