Monday, 2 January 2017

Day 119: Mossel Bay to Cape Agulhas and Bredasdorp. 300km, 4 hours, 23-26°C

High levels of anticipation today...
A ride through hundred of km of recently harvested wheat fields...
And then we see a sign...

Cape Agulhas
Southernmost town in Africa,
Turquoise sea, golden beaches, whitewashed buildings.

A sign-
'Southernmost Tip of Africa' 150m along a boardwalk.
Like all motorcycles Orlanda wants to really be at the southernmost tip.

We have overcome many obstacles on this journey
The rope  barriers are one more, but...
They are overcome with a little help from our friends.




Scott,  from New Zealand is the latest member of team Kiwi.

Dick goes on his mission to drop his pebbles from NordKapp and from Alexandria into the sea.

There are a lot of people around and they very patiently wait their turn for a photo while we capture this special moment.

The enthusiastic reaction of people when they hear a little of our story makes us begin o think that perhaps this is not an everyday occurrence.

A short ride to Struisbaai. A fishing village with golden beach, warm turquoise water and a wonderful fish and chip restaurant.

Thank you, Jörg for coming from CapeTown to share this special moment with us.

Our NorKapp, Norway to Cape Agulhas mission has been  accomplished.


So has our Ride Around the Earth...
from the end of the northernmost rideable roads in Norway and Alaska...
to the end of southernmost rideable roads in Africa and South America. 

But we aren't at the end of this journey yet.
Tomorrow is another day...
Another day to ride...


Stuart of Blyth said...

Well done, Dick and Diana. I've been with you all the way, and I'm looking forward to the next adventure.

June of Mellons Bay said...

Congratulations, Diana and Dick. What an epic journey! I am in awe of your achievements and have enjoyed every blogged minute. Thank you.

Margit said...

Hi Dick a Diana!
I loved your blogs and your marvelous photos.
Looking forward seeing you one day and talk about your adventure. Well done!

Diana Hubbard said...

Yes, it has been and epic journey.
We have meet wonderful people,
We have seen stunning landscapes
We have eaten a huge variety of food
We have been hugely blessed on our journey.

We did meet angels who helped us...
... and angels did ride with us.

Thank you for coming along via the blog.