Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The local market in Arusha

Thomas and Godwin took me on a walk through the market. 
Loads of fresh produce, fresh chilled meat, dried and frozen fish.
Smiling vendors.
A happy visit.
Come and join me...

Beautiful Tabu and her family

Tomatoes, white eggplant and okra.

Large fresh ripe pineapples.


Chickens under the woven basket being sorted and put into cages.

Baobab fruit

Chickpeas, green and yellow lentils, red beans, white beans, flour.

Fresh chilled beef.

Spices and coffee. The vendor with Thomas who showed me around the market.

Fabric store and seamstresses.
Various dried sardines from the lakes. Smoked catfish from lake Victoria.

Fried fish.

Sardines. The red liquid is palm oil for cooking.

Thank you Godwin and Thomas.


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