Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sometimes I am truly humbled on this ride.

This week I have spent some time with an outstanding young New Zealand nurse, Anna McKee.
Anna works with Maternity Africa.

This morning we went to the building site for a new Maternity Africa hospital.
Imagine this...
 a young New Zealander in another land working with a small team to put together proposals for a new hospital and being here to see the project start.
I am in awe of the God's  gifts of faith and grace and the hard work of everyone involved in facing the challenges of this project..
Sometimes providence is a miracle.

We also visited a hospital where Maternity Africa is presently working - upskilling midwives, offering surgery, including for women with fistulas as a result of difficult deliveries. There was a warmth and sense of care among patients, staff and helpers. I met lots of women, some with new babes, some post surgery...

My heart has been deeply touched.

If 'dreams are the seedlings of reality' then please pray that this dream will be nourished and will flourish for the sake of the women who need care.



m.donham said...

Wonderful sharing on the work being down by a young Kiwi and many others!! You give us a gift in bringing this too us! Thank You

Diana Hubbard said...

This is one of the joys of the journey.