Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Some more lovely people in Arusha...

In the Garden at the Arusha Coffee Lodge is an inspirational organisation, Shanga.
There are also some  lodge staff having a 'ride'  on Orlanda.
a wedding.
A people filled afternoon for me.

Shanga Social entrepreneurialism at its best.  
People with disabilities creating wonderful jewellery and homewares and earning an income.
Shanga is the Swahili word for bead. 
The project began in 2007 when the founder Saskia Rechsteiner made some fabric necklaces with beads.
She saw the opportunity to generate extra income for a deaf woman who lived on the Coffee estate...
Shanga employs 55 people and has two retail shops.
The atmosphere in the workshop is amazingly warm and friendly.
I was welcome to wander about and chat and to take some photos. 

"Kindness is  a language blind people see and deaf people hear"




A wedding party arriving for photos in the garden.

John who has been making my lunch in the cafe.
Happyness - joy bringer in reception.

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