Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ngorogoro Crater

Ngorogoro Crater formed 2.5million years ago after a volcanic eruption.
The crater is about 19km in diameter and has steep sides.
The road descending into the crater is definitely a 4WD road. Steep and rugged.

The floor of the crater has lakes which provide water for animals year round.
There is a resident population of wildebeest and zebra, buffalo, zebra, many hyena, lions and birds.
While we were visiting the area the skies were magnificently moody.
The crater is around 2300m altitude so it was pleasantly cool.

Short grass necessitates knee bending for the warthog whilst feeding.
One of the many hyena cooling off.
A weaver bird. 
There were lots of weaver bird nests in the trees. Some birds were on the winge carrying straw to their nests.
The superb starling.
A contented wildebeest

Plenty of lions on the prowl.
Weaver bird nests
Zebra galore 

Lions having breakfast on a freshly killed buffalo.
Getting around by Caravan 

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