Monday, 19 December 2016

Days 107-108 Chipata to Lusaka, Zambia 575km 18-37°C and Lusaka to Victoria Falls, Zimbawe 500km, 19-27°C rain and showers

Zambia seems so lush and green  compared with the other African countries we have ridden through.
Blessed with good farming land and timber and minerals,
Seems to be a much more affluent country but with inequality.

Many trucks along the road.
Laden with cargo travelling east and west.
We are riding the Great Eastern highway which links Lusaka with Malawi.
The road is excellent.

My driver watches for animals along the road,
People have cycle and walking space on the shoulder of the road.
There are a couple of short road diversions which take us close to village houses.
Some village houses have little plots of flowers outside the front door.
There is more grass- almost like lawn surrounding houses.

We make good speed,
The open speed limit is 120km/hr
That's a change. 
Maybe a first for us so far in Africa.

Shop fronts are freshly painted.
We might be able to guess which one serves tea - if n some villages they weren't all painted the same red colour by Airtel.
That reminded us of whole villages in India painted by Telcos.

The skies are filled with stunning cloud formations,
Some are delivering rain,
Not near us, please...

But flashes of lightning and roaring thunder bring a deluge.
The ground isn't able to soak it all up.
It is warm,
We don't mind getting wet.

Cell towers dot the landscape
Leapfrogging the need for landlines for telephones.
Police road blocks
We are waved through.
At one I see a man cranking his portable radio.

The Best Western in Lusaka is home for the night.
Also home for ZED factor..
Do you have the ZED factor?
A talent show launch for Zambia.

Beautiful people
Gorgeous colours.
I love Daniel in his red suit
And the Revival Embassy Choir
They sing for me...

Next day
After another nocturnal electrical storm
We set off in the rain
South bound.

Farms, stud farms with posh entry gates,
Fences to keep cattle in their paddocks.
Crop seedlings enjoying the warm rain.

Many lorries,
Most carrying copper ore and other mysteries under their tarpaulins.
The road is good.

Livingstone welcomes us, 
we use the last of our Zambia Kwacha to fill Orlanda
And The the easiest border crossing, so far.

In to Zimbabwe.
To the Victoria Falls Hotel
Where Dick gets to enjoy all your friendly birthday greetings
And we settle in for a timely rest day.

2926km in eight days from Arusha, Tanzania to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.













  The Revival Embassy Choir... Saying Kiwi as I take their photo.

Lovely Daniel.



The next morning...


Moe, owner of the new Grandee restaurant at Choma. We are lovely fresh meat pasties. Moe is from Lebanon. 


Crossing the Victoria Falls Bridge from Zambia to Zimbabwe. 
A Happy 70th birthday. Dick enjoying the birthday presentation collated from messages from family and friends.


Dave Browning said...

Now that is a contented looking gentleman playing with his I-pad!! Great photos and loving the story. Dave & Judy

Diana Hubbard said...

Dick was really happy to see all the photos and kind words people like your good selves had sent through.