Saturday, 31 December 2016

Day 118: Oudtshoorn to Mossel Bay 87km, 4 hours 26-38°C

A splendid breakfast
Tomato  and cucumber slices  have made an appearance in every country,

First stop is an ostrich farm,
Once the source of feather fortunes in the 1800s
Now the source of feather dusters, meat and leather - and tourist entertainment.

Today I learned that...
The advent of the motorcar led to reduced demand for feather plumes on ladies' hats,
Ostrich hens lay  50 eggs a year, 42 days till an egg hatches, each egg is equivalent in volume to 24 hens eggs...
Ostriches and kiwis are ratite cousin - flightless birds.
Ostriches can nip with their beaks
Ostrich feathers are soft and fluffy
Ostrich eggs can bear the weight of a man.

It is hot and arid up here in the Karoo
Forecast to be 41° today. Gets to 50°C in summer
Ostriches like these conditions.

On we go on highway 328
Around the corners, over the hills
To Mossel Bay where it is 10° cooler.

A walk down the steep hill,
Fresh fish for dinner,
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we have a special ride planned.








Bush fires. Both sides of the road have been burned over the last few days.

Mossel Bay from our perch.

Kingclip - a popular local fish. Simple good food.

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