Friday, 30 December 2016

Day 117: Port Elizabeth to Oudtshoorn: 405km, 7 hours, 25° most of the way 36° near Oudtshoorn

Hours of pleasure 
Cool temperatures, good roads,
along the coast.

Through the Garden Route National Park
Lush green trees,
Ravines, sharp rock wedges leading to the sea.

Summer traffic
Wedged in place, begins to move slowly along
Main Street, of pretty Knysna.

Through Wilderness and George
Up into the winding roads
Over the hills to Oudtshoorn.

Hot as hades here
38°C in the shade
Lovely place to stay

Eating out at Jemima's
Good food...
and a story about Jemima being the patron saint of cooks.



Garden Route National park.

A good day for a ride.
Not well enough clad though.
Slow entry to Knysna.

Up the hills, some lovely winding roads.
Over the hills and the temperature surges to 38°
The scene is desert with sage brush.
The sort of environment that Ostriches like. 
From high fashion to feather duster.
The motorcar restricted women from wearing hats with ostrich feather boas...
And the fortunes of ostrich farmers began to fade.

Tasty Bobotie. Rather smart version compared with the Back Country Freeze dried version we have when tramping in NZ.

Sole meunière and lovely vegetables. 
Ostrich steak, medium rare.

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