Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Day 114: Durban to Southport 104km Day 115: Southport to East London 542km, 9 hours, 24°-37°C

Christmas feast at the Hilton, Durban
Many families, santa, and 
Taking care of us was Goodness.

The first time I have been offered ostrich for Christmas.
Gammon and Karoo lamb with a small portion of ostrich for me
Plenty of vegetables and a bowl of cherries made me happy.

On the road to Southport on Boxing Day.
A short ride
A visit to the Southport beach.

Steve and Mechelle, two bikers, welcomed us to their table.
We are now well informed about riding in this region.
Most motorcyclists don't venture out because of the traffic.

A quiet day sets us up nicely for a long hot day on the road to East London.
Lush green of the KwaZule Natal gives way to the drier Transkei, 
Where Mveso is the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. Mandiba is his clan.

There are many villages scattered on the tops of the barren hill tops,
Lots of late model cars on the road,
Audis, Mercedes, BMWs and zippy little VW colts that overtake us.

Everything seems to be overtaking us on the N2
Even on the no-passing zones,
We arrive safely.

Goodness by name and by nature.
Sweet temptations.
I associate fresh cherries with Christmas. Today I am pleased to see a bowl of plump black cherries.
The light over Durban.


We see some glimpses of the Indian Ocean as we ride along.

Churchill on the right is a special needs teacher and his friend Malusi is a high school teacher. 
Such a friendly chat - in a few moments I learn about the importance of being a shepherd.
A good shepherd takes care of his sheep. That's what these men do for the people they teach.
The Indian Ocean is rolling in.
There is a very small area between the flags.
I like swimming but I am not tempted today.
Typical scenes through the Transkei region of Eastern Cape.



A McDonalds salad for lunch. 
Three towns along the road offer slow passage.
It was around 37°C in each place.


The evening in East London after a magical Electrical storm.


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