Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Day 113: Richard's Bay to Durban. 175km 22-27° windy

A short ride from Richard's Bay to Durban.
Grey and overcast,
Warm and windy.

Dick can fix most things. This is minor. 
The rubber on the left peg has fallen off. He is swapping the rubber from the right peg to the left peg
We are on route N2. 
Our first toll plaza for a long time.
Motorcycles have to pay here unlike most countries.
Wind bending the eucalypts and slowing us down.
Durban sports arena.
Obed. Such a wonderful welcome.
Obed is now a member of Team Kiwi.
His kiwi pin is on his left lapel.
Smoked salmon on rye with salad. A light lunch.
I came to Richards Bay for a haircut.  
Sitting next to me was Reshnee who was getting special attention because today she is a bride.
Later I saw her in the lobby.


 Join us for Christmas Eve high tea.

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