Monday, 19 December 2016

Day 105: Chilumba to Mzuzu, Malawi 160km 25-27.7°C

Huge electrical storm in the night.
Cleaned all the trees,
Dampened the sandy entrance road...
which the Swedish Caravan buses compressed nicely for us to ride out on.

Winding road up the escarpment with views of Lake Malawi,
I was trapped in fifth form geography calling it Lake Nyasa.
A coal mine and plenty of black patches on the road near the summit.

Lots of agricultural land - manually hoed.
People walking along the roadsides are carrying hoes on their shoulders.
Children, men and women... some hoe blades are as big as conventional shovels.

The fields and the hill sides have mounded up rows ready for planting.
The rain last night will have been welcome.
So are the friendly smiles and waves we receive along the way.

Tomatoes and mangos are stacked on rickety racks,

A woman at a well,
It is always a woman at the well...
Educate me, Don't marry me!   the signs say

To Mzuzu
Which what seems to us to be a busy town...
And which has a Sunbird Hotel with very welcoming staff.

Home for the night.













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