Friday, 16 December 2016

Day 103: Iringa to Utengule Lodge, MbeyaTZ 354km, 21°-25.5°

We are surprised at how thriving Iringa seems to be.
Lots of new buildings, some sumptuous homes, modern vehicles...
Behind this there are shanties.

First stop as usual is to buy petrol - Dick arrives with an escort of smaller bikes.
Off we go.   Come along for the ride...

Are we in Australia , not only Red earth but also forests of  eucalypts,
We ride through many km if casuarina and eucalyptus forests,
Timber mills, trucks carrying huge loads of sawn timber, some carrying logs.

We are on the main eastern road from Dar es Salaam to Zambia.
Or destination is Mbeya.

First we have to ride up to 60km if road works.
Again perfectly formed sealed stretches encourage us to persevere.
The China Railway Construction Company  as is busy building roads  here.
We suggest that they could probably quickly rebuild SH1 that has been so badly damaged in the earthquake.
The contracts they are working on here are for up to 100km apiece.







Dad plaiting his wee daughter's hair.  
We see lovely touching scenes every day. 
Chips and lemonade. That's lunch today. I'm in charge of infection control and this was a managed risk.
Lots of rutted tarsealed around Mbeya. Not so nice on a motorcycle.
A wonderful welcome from Monica, mine host at Utengule Lodge and coffee plantation.

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