Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Day 102: Arusha to Dodoma 420km, 8 hours, 21.5-29°C

Happy to be on the road again.



Ummm... shall we proceed?
Let's ride a few km and see what the road is like...
We are committed now...



Some stretches of seal on the 88km road work project.
The construction is being done by the China Railway Construction Company.
Lots of local workers.
The road  takes us through wonderful farmland in the hills.
To Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.
There are churches, church schools, church hospitals everywhere we go in Tanzania.
People happily share their faith and offer to pray for us.

We find a hotel for the night.
Next door is a Sunday evening church service.
They are all worshipping in full voice.


Dave Browning said...

Great you are back on the road and posting. Loving the journey. Take care.

Diana Hubbard said...

We love having you on this journey...D