Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Animals we met on the Serengeti Plains

We spent some time at Klein's Camp and under canvas at Seronera.
Most of the animals we saw were quite close to the jeep as we drove through the plains.
Dick took most of these photographs. 

The migration is late this year so we saw many wildebeest in the north. 
Apparently they are confused this season, some migrated south and have now returned north where the grass is greener. 
The rains have come late.

All the tented camps have moved south so we had the northern area as far as the Mara river almost completely to ourselves.
We saw many animals.

Mother lion and her cub

Yawning cheetah.

Baby elephant
Lioness on a warm rock.
Agile goats.
Wildebeest on the move. 
Wildebeest  and zebra grazing before they migrate south.
The never ending landscape
Nile crocodile
Herd of elephants with their young

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