Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A colourful day exploring art in Arusha

Come for a visit to the Cultural Heritage Centre  in Arusha.
The gallery is reputed to have the largest collection of contemporary African Art and of African antiques.
Robert took me on a tour of the gallery - a spiral pathway up several floors and a counter spiral to return to the basement where a huge collection of  African Antiques -  sculptures, masks, furniture and beaded items are on display and are for sale.

I also visited the Natural History museum based in a 19th century German Boma. There is an extensive display of human evolution  and the work of the Leakeys at Olduvai Gorge. The first discoveries of fossil bones at Olduvai Gorge were made by  Wilhelm Kattwinkel  in 1911. After WW1 the German explorations at Olduva Gorge ceased. The Leakeys began their work in Olduvai Gorge in 1929.

The artists working in studios in the museum grounds are filling the garden with colour.

Twiga Wengi - Patricia Njeri 

Artist - Haji Chilonga

Market Day - Arlene Vandeneyken

The Prayers - Boniface Kasto Mwiru

Phenomenal bead work upholstery on a set of four chairs. Made by artists in Nigeria.

Behind the City - Rukundo Jean Baptiste

Pencil drawing on archival paper by Jacqueline Malapel

The set of woodcarving tools used to create extraordinary wood sculptures.
These men are working on site at the culture centre.

Finishing an ebony sculpture. Spot the polish.

Sculpture craved from one tree. If you are looking for an ebony sculpture then this is the place to come.
 The cultural centre in Arusha - sometimes described as the African Guggenheim.
Cultural Heritage Centre

Giraffes in the Tinga tinga style - at the artists' collective at the Natural History museum.

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