Friday, 25 November 2016

Day 99: Marsabit to Nanyuki 350km 4.5hours, rain.

Some more reminders of the British colonial influence...
Weetabix, full English breakfast...
Rain, mist, rain, some sunshine, rain...

We mulled over staying another night in Marsabit but at around 10am we decided 'Let's go'
First fill Orlanda with petrol. 
They sell petrol here at petrol stations.
 Then off we ride.
The photos tell the story.
The road was great.
Occasional police stops with fearsome road spikes.
Roadside stalls washed out and surrounded with mud and puddles.
Lush green fields on the hill sides nearer to Nanyuki.
Fences, stock, coffeee plantations, bananas, 
Probably our the last sighting of camels.

It has been so dry in this region that people must be rejoicing at the rain.

The last rain of any consequence that we have had on the road was near Artvin in north eastern Turkey in late August.

Our GPS took us to a the guard house at military establishment. 
That definitely wasn't our hotel in Nanyuki.
After a ride through meandering lanes we find the Mt Kenya safari hotel. 
A very nice place for the night.
In fact so nice we stayed for two nights.

We watched and chatted with people in  several groups who were also in residence.
A UN food programme group, a group from Shell involved with the Gravity light  which might revolutionise life for people off the grid, especially young folk trying to study,  and a group Action in focus who were heading out to medical camps where village folk will receive medical treatment.

And English breakfast in Marsabit.

Gravity light

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