Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Day 92: Khartoum to Al Qadarif, Sudan 418km 259miles. 21°- 40.5°

Lot of villages to the north of the road alongside the Blue Nile.
We are now the Sahel the edge of the Sahara where there are signs of plant life.
Lots of grain crops being harvested, often by hand.
Pastoral farming nearer Al Qadarif. Mainly goats and cattle.

It was a hot day on the road.

Farewell to the lovely Corinthia Hotel.
The colour of choice...

We saw lots of pink houses.
It is a meagre looking harvest.
Mostly cut with sickles. We saw two of these small harvesters day.
A change in house style. This area is mainly pastoral. Houses are round with thatched roofs.

A Ferris wheel in the middle of 'nowhere'.
Crossing the muddy Blue Nile 
A water hole for cattle - and also for children to swim in.

Arriving in al Qadarif. Our home the night.
Something for my driver - the lad from Paeroa.
Our r the night. Perfectly adequate. Some people write daft reviews on TripAdvisor.

There were mavilllagges along the banks of the Blue Nile. For hundreds of km we saw piles of rubbish. Often it  was being burned. The smell of burning rubbish tip affronted our noses . 
Clay water pot factory.

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