Friday, 18 November 2016

Day 90: Wadi Halfa to Dongola, Sudan. 412km

We wake to a breakfast of tea, fresh bread, white cheese and an omelet prepared by Mazar's lovely mother. 
Mazar and his family have made us feel very welcome.
Treasured hospitality.
After our farewells we begin our ride south.

Mazar has the gift of helpfulness and kindness.
Be generous to him if you come this way.

Mazar's wife and baby Mahir. 

Good roads, stunning desert colours.

We take a break at a roadside stop.
Other travellers take a break for prayer time and tea.

Bread deliveries. I loved this soft Sudanese bread. Best eaten fresh.

Our first sighting of animals. Goats foraging in the desert.
It is cooler on the outside.
Irrigation channels filled with water from the nearby Nile.
Our arrival puzzled these school girls at Dongola
We search for the Candaca hostel in Dongola. 
It is favourably rated in Lonely Planet. 
It is closed.
After help from a local couch surfer who speaks English we find the Charles Bonnet Nubian Lodge on the other side of the Nile beyond the university.
It seems closed, too, we track down someone who finds a key and takes some money and we settle in. It is all we need. Somewhere to sleep.
We are near a local market. We find a 'shop' which like most places we have seen stocks masses of sweet biscuits. We find some packs of cheese triangles and some bottles of water. Further along we find where the bread is being sold through a hole in the wall.
Dinner tonight bread and cheese and water. 

Sunset over the Nile. 

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