Friday, 25 November 2016

Day 100: Nanyuki to Nairobi, 197km 4 hours, 21-23°C

We are rejoicing today...
We have had 100 riding days since we left the Ace Cafe in North London on 29 May 2016 and have covered  29,106km (18,085miles) through 36 countries.

Today we rode from the slopes of Mt Kenya near Nanyuki to Nairobi.
Lush green productive landscapes.
Fruit and vegetables galore.
We are loving the fresh fruit and vegetables here in Kenya.
Great for us after several months of mainly pulses, breads, cheeses and meat dishes.

We have been truly blessed every day on the road.


We have crossed the equator a few times today!



Made to measure. Looks like rainy days are expected.







Dave Browning said...

Loving your journey. The roads look way better than when we were in Kenya 2007. Are you doing any of the Parks to see the animals? D & J

Margit said...

Hi, I am back reading your blog again. Very fascinating what you experience. I am really surprised how many nice hotels you find.

Diana Hubbard said...

Oh yes, the road is sealed all the way from the northern border south- the last section was sealed no long before we arrived. Huge improvements with some assistance from China.
Game park visits in Tanzania - the Serengeti and Ngororgoro Crater are underway as I write. Wonderful. Posted some pics on FB which is faster than blogging at the moment. X D

Diana Hubbard said...

This ride through Africa is amazing. Dick finds the places to stay. He looks for an H on the GPS and we ride up and see if there is a room. As you can see this system works very well!