Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We have arrived in Cairo... update...

...  alas, Orlanda didn't arrive today as we had hoped.
She stays in Dubai another week.

Never mind...
Cairo is a very special place and I will enjoy showing Dick some of the sights that I visited a few years ago with Mary Taylor.
We may even manage to include a short cruise on the Nile.

We have begun the process of obtaining our tourist visas for Sudan.
We have visited the delightful people at Embassy of Sudan.
One of the requirements is a letter from the NZ Embassy.
So, this afternoon, we visited the NZ Embassy, enjoyed our welcome, admired the spectacular view of the Nile and obtained the letters.
Let's see how we get on tomorrow.

We had a wonderful time in Cairo with Nasser, our guide.
After we realised Orlanda was delayed for longer than we expected we headed
to the Sinai Peninsula.
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Margit said...

Beautiful things from Tutankamen. I always loved his stories. I am now following your interesting blog again