Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pyramids and people in Cairo

One of my childhood memories is looking at tiny photographs of the pyramids in my father's cedar wood covered album.
He served in the 2nd NZEF 23rd battalion in Egypt, Libya, Greece and Crete during WW11. 
He talked about time with his cobbers at the camp at El Maadi, Cairo and also his visits on on furlough to Jerusalem and Aleppo. Like most returned servicemen he didn't talk much about being on the Western Front. 

The pyramids at Giza are on the edge of the western desert. The sphinx is nearby. 
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The Sphinx 

At Saqqara inside the remains of the walls that surrounded the stepped pyramid.

A lovely happy family.

Tapestry weaver. Free form design.

Weaving carpet with wool.
Carpet makers near Saqqara. These men are teachers. Children from the age of 8-18 are taught school subjects and also the craft of making various carpet schools in the area.

A stall holder with very little custom at Memphis - tourist numbers have crashed.

Ramses 11 at Saqqara. A massive sculpture made out of limestone.

Ancient images carved in limestone. Circa 2,600BC Harvesting using sickles.

Our very special guide, Mr Nasser Alfayed

The stepped pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, built during the third dynasty of ancient Egypt,  2650-2640BC

The entry to the pyramid through the remains of the wall.

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