Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Old Cairo and the citadel

  The St Virgin Mary's Coptic Christian Church known as the hanging church in old Cairo. The glassed area inside barrier in the foreground reveals the deep foundations of the church which were the gatehouse of a Roman fortress.

Abu Serga... this church was reconsecrated two days before our visit after extensive renovations. It is believed that the holy family lived here with baby Jesus in the time of Herod.

Old Cairo has many narrow alleyways.

The church of St George. A Greek Coptic Church built in the 10th century and rebuilt following a fire in 1904.

The fountain at the Citadel Masjid, Mosque of Mohammed Ali

The panoramic view of the city of Cairo from the cItadel.
The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is a medieval Islamic fortification built between 1176 and 1183AD to as protection from the crusaders. Aqueducts carry water from an 85m deep well. There are also aqueducts that bring water to the area from the Nile.

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