Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Food in Cairo

Breakfast buffet: tahini, hummus, olives, white cheese, capsicum, pickled aubergine, salad greens and tomato and cucumber

Smoked salmon, chopped onion, capers, egg white, egg yolk, kippers and onions.

Would you like a crepe, madam?

Village bakery.

Lunch - cold Mezze - tabbouleh, hummus, yoghurt and garlic, olives, babganoush, mesh, fresh pita bread with a bowl of deep fried hot Mezze.

Dried corn - soaked for two days and cooked in water and milk with sugar added.
Foul - fava beans with vegetables.

Door to door delivery if the sweet corn and foul.

Whole grain wheat simmered in milk and served with pistachio nuts, sultanas, almonds and icing sugar.
Served at breakfast. I liked it.

 Real fast buffet, smoked salmon, corn, tahini, hummus, pickled vegetables.

Foul with accompaniments - lime segments, chopped tomato, chopped red capsicum, corn and chopped green onions.

Smoked salmon and dill omelet. 

Smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, dill on a cream sim reed with basil, sumac.

Salad nicoise.

Village fruit and vegetable store.

Village bakery.

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Stuart of Blyth said...

"How we remember the fish that we used to eat in Egypt for free! And the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic!"