Sunday, 2 October 2016

Exploring Shiraz

Shiraz was first mentioned in 2000BC in Elamite inscriptions.
It became one of the greatest cities in the Islamic world during the 13th and 14th centuries.
After earthquakes and Afghan raids in the early 17th century the city declined.
Soon to be restored by Karim Khanof the Zand dynasty who made Shiraz the national capital in 1750. Many of the grand buildings including mosques and the Arg-e Karin Khan fortress.

We visit some of the grand buildings and the bazaar where the fabrics are glorious.

First stop Eram Gardens. Bagh-e Eram.
These gardens were established in1037-1193AD during the Seljuk era.
Registered by UNESCO as a symbol of Iranian Gardens.
Kakh-e Eram(Eram palace)
This building is around 150 years old from the Qajar era. 


The Arg-e Karim Khan - a large fortress which was built during the Zand era in 1766-67A D. 
It subsequently came under Pahlavi  control and was a prison at the time of the revolution in 1978. Substantial restoration work has been done since 1981.
The inset door was used when the fortress was a prison.        A wonderful coincidence - we met Carlos who was in Marand when we were.
Stained glass is being restored.
The Vakil Mosque alongside the bazaar.
Barberries and saffron.
Mixed spices for lamb dishes.                                          Juices are readily available.
Beautiful pearl encrusted fabric lengths. 
Fabulous fabrics. Plenty for me to choose from.
Motorcyclist joining the bazaar traffic.                                       Skinny jeans are de rigeur in Iran.

Walnut seller on the footpath. The walnuts are creamy and sweet.
Parking. There are many Peugeot, and Citroen and Renault cars in Iran.   W.C. Signs are ubiquitous.
Mausoleum of  Sa'di  
 Sa'di, a poet, wrote The Rose Garden and the Garden of trees (1207-1291)


john neas said...

I don't know how you can ride a bike with all that kit on such hot weather.
With love and regards.
John Neas

Diana Hubbard said...

We are air conditioned as long as the Motorcycle is moving... it does seem hot when we stop but we have complete confidence in Iran about taking our jackets off when we stop and leaving them on the bike while we explore. People are so friendly and helpful and we have high levels of trust here. Our things are always just as we left them.

Margit said...

Nice to read about Iran and seeing your photos. Beautiful colours.

Diana Hubbard said...

Glad you are enjoying seeing these photos of Iran.