Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day 85: Bandar Abbas to Dubai by ferry.

It is an early morning start.
First task is to buy ferry tickets for both us and Orlanda for the sailing tonight.
Dick sets off at 8.00am and returns  to the hotel with tickets in hand at 10.00am.
We ride to the ferry terminal and Dick begins the protracted process of customs clearance for the motorcycle

We are parked outside the ferry terminal by 10.30am.
Dick has a couple of hours work to do in clearing the motorcycle through customs. 
He gets some great help through the process.

People who are returning from Sharjah arrive heavily laden.
I watched sets of car tyre being unpacked from large carry bags and all manner of household effects. 
TV sets, microwave ovens. Children's bicycles and toys.

We wait at the ferry terminal until boarding at 8.00pm. 
We don't go hungry. There is a restaurant in the terminal which offers chicken and lamb kebabs and rice and drinks.
Iran Hormuz ferry - Our 'cruise ship'  for crossing the gulf of Hormuz to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
Women and families section. Benches for us to sleep on overnight.
The men's prayer room is behind the panel wall on the front left and the women's prayer room on the right.
Chicken and rice, yoghurt, cola provided for passengers. 
Rice and chicken have been a major components in most of the meals we have had in Iran. Yoghurt, too.
Sunrise over the Straits of  Hormuz.

Arrival in Sharjah at around 10am.
We quickly clear immigration. 
Dick goes off with Ali, who has his own vehicle, to clear Orlanda through customs formalities.
Anticipated time to complete the process is an hour so I opt to wait in customs hall.
Before long the customs officers advise me that they are closing the customs hall and they arrange for me to wait in the gate house.
I am well looked after by the Nepalese staff. But After an hour and a half I begin to feel I have overstayed my welcome and agree by text with Dick that I will go ahead to the hotel in Dubai.
I am glad I did because Dick arrived at 6pm. 
A long day for him and a story for him to tell.

The drought is over. A very well earned beer.


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