Monday, 5 September 2016

Day 72: Akhaltsikhe to Tbilisi, Georgia. 206km, 4 hours, 17°-23°

It as as if we were riding through New Zealand countryside. 
Forests, narrow country roads...
Then high rise apartment buildings and market stalls along the road reminded us we were somewhere else.
The road opened up into a wide valley dissected by a newish motorway. Late model cars swished past us, and the occasional older car.
The service centre was splendid and perfectly placed for a break before we rode into Tbilisi.

As we entered the city there were many new modern commercial buildings.
Dick successfully  navigated his way to our hotel  in Freedom Square (in the absence of a GPS map for Georgia).
It was  early afternoon so we went in different directions. Dick to find someone who could help with the GPS.
I set off to get my haircut and to wander the streets.

Come and see who I met.


 Apartments at Borjomi








I stopped to buy a fresh fig.
The fig were  oozing with unctuous ripeness and I wanted to eat one straight  away. 
The fruit sellers swung into action...
Michael gave me his seat and provided some water...
Katrine brought out some deep rich coffee and some iced water. We got to chat via Google Translate...
So one fig became a friendship.
The flower seller on the hotel steps in Freedom square.

Tailoring shops along the street from Katrine.
Boys. The two on the left are 12 years old. Friends. Little brother on the left.

Nana with my friend  Katrine.

The lady ha a small stall on Te steps of the underpass. She sweeps the leaves and keeps things in order.
I travelled nearly 20,000km to have Bella cut mohair in Tbilisi!
All kinds of delicious pies in Tbilisi.
 This picture is for our accountant, Bruce Murdoch. We have a few more receipts like this!


Melinda Strain said...

Great photos! Thanks for the share!

jim kennedy said...

Dick and Di,
The loving looks, smiles and gleam in the eyes of your new friends reaffirms my Belief that you are spreading good will around the world. When you get home you need to give a TED talk about your travels. Maybe you also need to travel the world speaking to Civic Groups of your extensive, exciting, inspiring experiences???? This could be a whole new 2nd career for the Hubbards. Can I be your Supreme Allied Commander, Hubbard Travels/USA?
Be Safe...we love you guys.

Diana Hubbard said...

Hi Jim, meeting people along our journey is a real blessing-you and Bernie are special blessings to us. We are constantly amazed and delighted with the reminder that we are all members of one family. These brief heart touching moments are a joy and they make the whole trip worthwhile. Thanks for your lovely comment, Di.