Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Day 82:Esfahan to Persepolis. 450km, 6 hours, 25-34degC

Each day Dick prepares the route in his head.
His homework includes checking possible routes on a map, on google maps and mapsMe.
He checks the weather, too, a good brain workout.

We tend to set off early in the morning because there is ess traffic and it is cooler.
Today is no exception.
we ride south and into the desert.

We thought we would be riding alongside a lake, but when we get there the lake is dry.
There are some salt pans along the way, along with intermittent patches of green where water has brought life to the desert. Crops of potatoes, tomatoes and some corn...

At the traffic lights tobacco smoke fills the air. We become acutely sensitive to smells  on the bike.
the majority of the cars that we see on the road are Peugeot. Some Renault and Citroen and Japanese and Korean and Chinese brands. There are other brands that we don't recognise.

Many family vehicles have loads on the roof. Many have CNG tanks in the boot. The fuel stations often have gas and petrol bowsers.

Having a Google translate chat.
 Vegetables growing along the road. Sunflowers, too.
Water reticulation in the dry areas is via qanats - and ancient system of underground water channels that bring water from the mountains in underground tunnels which have a very gentle gradient.

We stopped for a drink at a truck stop. The drivers were about to have lunch on the carpet benches.

Our home tonight at the end of the treelined avenue at Perseplis.

Fried fish, lime, rice garnished with raw onion and capsicum.


Ebi Mahboobi said...

Well done such a great trip, we spotted your bike in front of Abbasi hotel.

That is great you are interacting with people along the way.

I would like to know what is your impression from the Iranian people.

Diana Hubbard said...

We really enjoyed our stay in Esfahan.
We were blessed to meet so many friendly, kind and generous Iranian people during our motorcycle journey in Iran.