Thursday, 22 September 2016

Day 77 part 2: Come and visit the Zanjan Bazaar with us.

We arrived in Zanjan on Thursday, the start of the weekend.
Food stores were open in the street and the bazaar was open in the evening.
Wonderful fresh fruit, nuts, meat and fish.
Household carpets, copper pots, fine looking knives, silver filigree, clothes, gold jewellery all alongside each other.
Come and have a look...

Nectarines, apples, pomegranates and limes.
This lovely man came and talked with us and asked if we minded if he walked with us for a while.
What a wonderful guide to the food on the street side stores.
Dried Iranian blackberries. We had already eaten these at breakfast and wondered what they were.
Dates, nuts, mangoes, dried apricots, sultanas and raisins.
Barbaries - served  in chicken dishes. 
Sharp sour flavour. Just as I remembered as a child when we ate the ripe barbarises off the Barbary hedge while we waited for the school bus.

Fresh hazelnuts.
Green walnuts. We had walnut jam in turkey made from green walnuts. My mother used to pickle green walnuts. We got blackened hands when we helped prick them as part of the process. 
Nice looking beef  in the chiller.
Knives to cut the meat with. Some blades were more than 30cm long.
Fresh water fish.
Fresh pistachio nuts.
The kernel is moist and sweet. 
Fresh dates. The have a sweet fibrous flesh which has an astringent aftertaste.

Lush fresh herbs. DIll, several different mints,  rocket, and radishes, lettuce.
Big sheets of fruit leathers,dried fruits, dates, raisins. 
Carpets, carpets, carpets.... 
And wooden pictures, including the Last Supper.


Plenty of bling on the party clothes.
And plenty of gold jewellery for accessories.

Copper ware
Filigree silver
Fitted trousers to wear under the manteau or loose top and chador.

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