Saturday, 27 August 2016

Day 66: Alanya to Mersin, Turkey. 340km 32-34.5°C

This is the 505th post I have made on my Pearls on Wheels Blog.

This means that during  the last four and a half years I have had at least 505 days on the back of the Bike with Dick.

I began the blog when we set off with Ken and Shirley from Vancouver to Prudhoe Bay in June 2012. We rode to Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego. 
El fin del mundo -  The end of the world, the beginning of everything

Since then Dick and I have ridden around Australia and in 32 states of the USA and five provinces of Canada, and now 25 countries in Europe and Scandanavian and Turkey. 
Prior to this we rode in the Indian Himalaya with Mike Ferris.
Around 140,000kmin total.
Quite a ride!

Now about today's ride...

















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