Thursday, 25 August 2016

Day 64: Gövoka to Kas, Turkey. Anatolia: 200km 25-35°C

Few ride from  our simple abode in Gövoka to something special in Kas.
We have had no rest days since we left Matulji 12 days ago. The short rides we had were around fairly active visits to the Bran Castel and to Gallipoli.
So Dick has decided that we will ride a half day and treat ourselves to somewhere nice to stay.
He chose well.

The weather forecast for this region is looking good for the next week. It is the same all along the Turkish coast.
I have decided to trial riding with my chin guard fixed in the up position as an experiment. It gets very hot inside my wee glasshouse when the visor slips down its ratchet mechanism.
Later in the day I see many more glass (plastic) houses. Valleys filled with them. 
When I checked on google maps their true extent is revealed.
I am guessing they are used for growing tomatoes and cucumbers for the EU.  There is nothing growing in them at the moment.

Grains are being stooked in small fields.
We see goats being herded along the road,
Many more mosques, I will include a sample each day. Some are very grand and very new.
Frozen is the theme for the 'girls' toilet at a tea stop. Everything inside was Frozen colours.

A lovely lady shows me how she makes börek. Rolling the dough very thin, spreading the cheese, folding in half and placing on the iron plate and sprinkling with olive oil.

Along the picturesque coastline to Kas.
Where angels and good food abide at the Lukka Hotel.


Breakfast at Gövoka, börek, French toast,olives, boiled egg,water melon and grapes.


















These sculptures reminded me of this quote I saw at Bran Castle.
Angels come with us on our ride everyday.
If you are praying for us please keep it up.

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