Thursday, 18 August 2016

Day 57: Sibiu to Bran, Romania, over the Transfaragasan highway. 210km, 8hours, 13.5-26DegC

This post is dedicated to our brother in law, Ken Rigby.
While we were crossing the mountains today we learned that he had passed away in New Zealand.
He loved my sister and his family, he loved his friends and he loved the mountains.
We will miss him.

Sibiu is home to an international arts festival and many other events including the Sibiu rally which is taking place over the next few days. 
We have our own rally to ride over the Transfaragasan  highway today. A high mountain road built during Ceaucescu's era.

The day dawned bright a clear, we woke Orlanda from her slumber in a shelter beneath our room. 
The JadSpa offers all sorts of treatments. Insomnia is not a motorcyclist's affliction.

Out of the city we ride through farmland with shepherds tending a few cows, corn fields, and horse drawn wagons along the road.

Up the hills we ride around the hairpins bends as we follow the road snaking up the hills to our first rest stop. 
Along the way a pig herder is tending his pigs on the side of a hairpin bend. Streams are often at the bends in the road.
Stalls selling local food and some tourist items line a  hairpin bend.
Some rally cars cruise by. Presumably checking the route for the event which starts tomorrow.

Tunnels, high viaducts, waterfalls, a flock of sheep, a flag man who send us on into oncoming traffic at the road works...

Rural scenes...
Hay making in full swing. 
Swinging scythes, rakes, and pitchforks...
Trucks bearing beehives parked in the flowering meadows.

A special day for us to remember a special man.










Through the tunnel and down the other side.







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