Thursday, 18 August 2016

Day 56: PriataNeamh to Siubiu via Bicaz Gorge 350km

We ride through many towns, farmland and the spectacular Bicaz Gorge today.
The road side tourist markets cling to the edge of the rock faces.
Huge cement factories built during the communist era are valley-wide. Some have a derelict look with broken windows.

Housing draws attention to itself today.
Today assymmetry and colour are standout features. Every colour of the rainbow.
Along with lots of houses under construction

A small gypsy group try to sell me golden mushrooms and wild strawberries.
We arrive in Siubiu, an old town.




A gypsy group keen to sell me mushrooms and berries foraged in the nearby forests.
Spectacular limestone formations in Bicaz Gorge.


These little folk appear at roadside stalls.

Fish roe pate, egg plant pate and potato salad.
Our home tonight is The Council hotel under the clock tower. A fourteenth century building.

Orlanda tucked up for the night in Siubiu.

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