Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Day 54: Subotica, Serbia; Hungary; Fluj-Napoca, Romania. 391km 9.5hours. 20degC and fine

Lots of variety today,
A long day though. 
Smooth run to the Serbian border where we waited in the sun as the queue slowly moved.
We were waved through the Hungarian border. I could see what looked like refugees camping in a field in 
no-mans land.
Motorway for three hours in Hungary, then some country roads. Time to stop for coffee and an ice cream.
To the Hungarian border. Another wait.
Then through no-man's land to the Romanian border. The friendly border officials wanted to see the motorcycle registration. The first time we have been asked for them on this journey. 

Dual carriageway. Good road condition.
Many cars all day and some trucks.  The cars are mostly late model cars.

Fields of corn, and Sunflowers with their heads bowed as they begin to dry off before harvest. 
Sometimes the fields had alternating strips of corn and Sunflowers.

Many small towns along Route 1. 
Numerous churches.
Eastern orthodox churches with Onion bulb domes. Some decorated some polished metal.
Catholic Churches and the occasional plain baptist church building.
(87%of the population is Eastern Orthodox, 6.8% Protestant, 56%catholic, 0.4%muslim)

Amazing variety of houses influenced by European, ottoman and Russian design.
Tourist markets with gnomes, woven willow baskets and embroideries.
At Huedid we saw multi storey houses ornate roof decorations. We were told that this is typical gypsy architecture.

Romania is a member of the EU.
There were signs indicating EU funding for road works.
Romania has not met the requirements to become part of the Shengen group which allows free moment of people.

The population of Romania is 19.96 million(2013).in the last decade the population has declined 7.5%. 
The causes for the decline are cited as high mortality, low fertility rate after 1989, and emigration. 
89.4% are ethnic Romanians they speak Romanian an eastern Romance language. The largest minority is Hungarian 6.5% of the population.

Subotica cityscape. Lush trees. Ornate cathedral roof.
Refugee temporary camp in no man's land between Serbia and Hungary. 

Hungarian countryside.

We resisted - but were tempted.

Betty who served us delicious gelato and coffee, Sunday morning in Hungary.

Massive set of discs - huge fields to be dealt with.

Small town streetscape in Hungary.
The border to Romania.

Huge acreages of sunflowers.. 

Prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato. Our first meal in Romania.

Each town has an Eastern Orthodox Church. 

The home of garden gnomes.

Gypsy houses in Huedin.

Some houses have geometric designs painted on their external walls.

Some folk take the time to sit and watch the world go by. 
Cluj napoca. A student city. The population is 324,000 and there are around 20,000 students during term time.
Sleeping in hammocks tied Torres in the park.

Grand new stadium
Traditional food for dinner.
Cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, polenta stuffed with goat cheese, sausages, potatoes, tender pork belly.


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