Saturday, 13 August 2016

Day 53: Rovinj to Matulji via Pula 123km

After breakfast in Rovinj we take a fifteen minute cruise across to Crveni otok,  Red Island.
The view of Rovinj from the boat shows church on the hilltop surrounded by many houses climbing up the slopes. 
We were wandering the narrow lanes last night.


This 'Caution Wet Floor' sign on the beach steps made us smile...
Fires in the forest must be a real risk. Dotted around the island were fire extinguishers and metal tools for putting out flames.
Looks very inviting!

When I asked the life guard where I could change into my swim suit he said "In the cupboard."
This is the cupboard...

Back on Rovinj we went in search of lunch.
We found this luscious pink Vespa.
And a very tasty puttanesca pizza.
Made in this kitchen which was the size of a wardrobe cupboard.
Such a valiant learner cycle rider. 
These cobbles must be a challenge.
Just after this moment he came adrift from his bike and could ride no further.
My rider could though.
The sign applies to bicycles not motorcycles...
Off we ride through olive groves to Pula 
...where there is Pula Arena, a Roman amphitheatre which is the third largest in the world.

A 21st century event is being set up in the amphitheatre where once entertainment of a gladiatorial kind took place.
Jose Carreras was performing here in late July.

Glorious blue seas and skies accompany us as we ride along the coast to Matulji.

 At the end of the day...
A velvet black chocolate and hazelnut ice cream at the Excelji hotel completes another special day in Croatia.

When I mused on how lovely it was to be on the beach, swimming and relaxing and that perhaps this was an alternative to riding onwards...
Dick reminded me of the joy and delight I expressed everyday we were on the road to date.
He is right of course.
If we weren't on this ride I never would have discovered this magical part of the world.

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