Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day 51: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, to Matulji, Croatia via Slovenia. 300km 5 hours

Look to the mountains...
Look to the sea.
Today we are riding from the mountains in the  Dolomite region to the Adriatic Sea in northern Croatia.
We will be heading back to New Zealand for a break and will resume our adventure in early August.

In the meantime come for a ride, see how to grill fish, have a seafood feast, and have some fun at the annual Opatija trolley derby.

In the main square of Cortina.
The meal at the restaurant high in the mountains was wonderful.
Home made pasta and funghi, a decanter of local olive oil.
There is a hint of caraway seeds in the little round crisp bread/biscuits.
To me caraway flavour is like music in a minor key.
It evokes memories of Aunty Gladys' caraway seed cake.

Memories that are evoked by food continue to surprise me.
I am glad that I have a 'food' memory... it is fundamental to the way I cook.

Cable car view of the Dolomites. 
Cloud formations  - with a hidden blessing.
While pigs being spit roasted along the roadside in Slovenia.
A swim in the Adriatic.

Kiwi fruit in abundance.

Basting the fish with olive oil infused rosemary twigs.


A feast prepared with love.
A wonderful feast of grilled fresh fish, buzara prawns and mussels, garlic, olive oil and herb pesto, salads, ripe tomatoes  from the garden, grilled bread, wine from the grapes growing on the local slopes. Apple strudel to follow.
A feast shared with family.
What a blessing.

Some folk will be enjoying these chocolate sundaes.
I am happy with a black chocolate and hazelnut ice cream.
Out on the street the trolley derby is well underway.
Adults and children in fancy dress riding down the hill and being towed up to roll down again.


A colourful end to the first phase of our ride from London to Capetown. 
We have ridden 13,000km through 20 countries. 51 days riding and average of 255 km/day.

We will be back on the road again in the second week of August.


john neas said...

we haven't been following your travels for a while because we've been in London to meet Leo, Jenni's grandson who was born in April.. we love your recent photos and will follow your trip more closely now. enjoy your travels. with love etc john and jenni

Diana Hubbard said...

Hi John and Jenni, glad to know you are following along. More adventures to come. We head to Serbia in a few days.
Safe travels to you, too. DIana

jim kennedy said...

Amazing sights, pictures, people...and most of all your travels are spreading the good word about NZ and in doing so you are making the world a better place. As one from Trump-land...we need more of you and less of him.