Friday, 12 August 2016

A bonus rest day in Rijeka

The first thing on our agenda when we arrive in Croatia is to get Orlanda serviced and fitted with tyres. 
While that is happening let's explore Rijeka with some locals.

It is another perfect day.
Grobnik castle high above the Grobnik Valley is built on prehistoric ruins of the Illyrian tribes and of the Romans 
It is one of a chain of castles around the north Kvarner  hills overlooking the Adriatic. 
The counts from the island of Krk, the Venetians, the  Frankopans, the Hapsburgs have all ruled here at various times..
Inside the castle is a museum, an international art gallery and a space for performances. 
Below the castle in Grobnik valley  there is a track for car and motorcycle racing,
And an airfield for small planes.
The highway can be a runway if necessary, too.

We return to Rijeka and visit Trsat Castle  and the nearby Our Lady church where Pope John Paul visited and which is the venue for up to 40,000 to gather on 15 August, the national day of Croatia.



The view of Grobnik valley from an upstairs window of the castle.
The church of Our Lady in Trsat. 
Beautifully decorated.
Exquisite embroidered altar cloths.
Looking over Rijeka from the Trsat castle walls. The port of  Rijeka served as the port for Hungary for centuries during the Austro Hungarian era. 
Europe's first oil refinery was built  here in the late 1880's.  You can read about Rijeka's history from the end of WW1 in the link. 
Istrian black and white truffles and truffles blended with mushrooms for sale  on road side stalls and in shops.
When we return home are treated to a wonderful tomato soup(served with rice) and typical Croatian succulent roast lamb with vegetables roasted alongside the meat.

Dick has blogged about  the  Orlanda's service check and about his decision to take prophylactic measures and replace the shock absorber which had a small oil leak.
We couldn't be in a better place while we wait for the replacement part to arrive from Munich.

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