Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Come and see what happens on a rest day...
It is Monday so museums and galleries are closed.
There is plenty to see and do.
First a visit to the Rock church,
What mind can see inside a huge piece of granite and visualise such a beautiful place of worship. 
The patterns of light and shade remind me of home.

Not far away is the Chapel of Silence, a balm in the city.

Next a tribute to Sibelius concert. 
Oh, what a musical treat.
Evoking memories.

Time to go to sea again. 
The harbour is so accessible.
Off to Suomenlinna. A fortress. 
The museum and film give me a good overview of Finland's history.

The sun is shining.
Come, walk with me.

Klaus selling Carelien and cinnamon rolls 'using Grandma's recipes' outside the Rock Church. Carelien have a thin rye case and are stuffed with creamy rice and baked. In earlier times they were filled with cooked barley.
Come inside...
The rock church is hewn out of solid granite. Wooden battens hold glass panels in place. The light and shadow pattern in the centre is on the rock wall surrounding the altar.

This 360 panorama shows the way light enters the building.
A musician is playing a Finnish Kantele. Sweet sound, a little akin to a harpsichord.
Not far away is the Silent Chapel.
Look at the curves.
Inside it is a wooden beech-clad womb.
Silence in the city.


The Sibelius concert nearby.
No rush. An oasis of beautiful music in the city.
I felt as if I was in a private concert.
Lovely welcome,
Wonderful narration by Joseann Freyer-Lindner
Photographs depicting scenes from nature as a backdrop...
All linked to Sibelius inspiration from nature.
Risto Kytö, pianist; Natalia Vaskinova violinist. 
The venue is a concert hall in a building which represents Jugend the national romanticism of a century ago.
These doorways around the city are set in stone walls and are strong and grand.

The cathedral in another light.
The markets by the harbour.

The ferry takes me to Suomenlinna.
A massive fortress built on six islands in the 18th century when Sweden ruled Finland. It was second to Gibraltar as a fortress in size.
It became a Russian fortress until Finland gained independence in from Russia 1917.

Marina is a wonderful ambassador for Finnish tourism - so helpful and informative to me at Suomenlinna.
We turn right as we step out this evening. Mei Lin a Chinese restaurant beckons. A delicious meal - some Chinese ribs, broccoli and a chicken dish. 
Sabrina joins  us in conversation. 
A delightful end to a special day in Helsinki.

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