Monday, 11 July 2016

Days 39: Rovaniemi to Oulu 240km

We loved spending time with Ekki our friend from Lubeck.
But soon we say our farewells,
We didn't have time to wait for a meeting with Santa.
We could see the displays of origins of Santa Claus traditions in various countries,
All since the 1800's
We even saw a tiny nativity scene

Soon we were on the road
The straight and narrow road,
Mostly forest - beech and pine 
Some fields
Some looking dark clouds,
Respite in a cafe shop 
Where we saw the Baltic Sea for the first time.
Sky clears
Now I can see something I haven't seen for almost a month...
Billboards, big billboards often  only with words...
Finnish words that I can't decode.

Onwards, then...
To Oulu,
A lovey port town
Home to the Fat Policeman sculpture, in the market square,
Where food stalls tempt.
Nice juxtaposition.

A walk around town, public sculptures, mostly new buildings, post WW11
Nepalese curry for
Dinner - just in case we opt
For plan B and head East from Iran later.

Farewell for now, Ekki.

Big soft reindeer hides. 
Thinking of you Stu and Kerian.


First sighting of the Baltic Sea
First sighting of Billboards.
Fat Policeman

Who will buy...?



Delicious Nepalese dishes. They are a long way from home, too.

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