Friday, 8 July 2016

Day38: Karasjok to Rovaniemi (Finland). 450km. 6.5hours

Broad daylight at 2.30am
I noticed that the husky dogs were all inside their kennels for the night  at 8.00pm.
Sometimes they howl in the night. 
That's why I was awake and taking a photo at 2.30am. 

Dick has been choosing accommodation ahead.
There is high demand.
Many Europeans are holidaying closer to home this summer...maybe for fear.
Fear is an elusive emotion. Powerful.
It can shape our lives... Or not.
The things we fear are...
Rarely real.
At Ourward Bound I learned this...
Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real.

As we set off each day I pray. Angels surround us.
Dick is a star.
All is well.

Blue eyed husky pups.
Huskies. This would be a lovely place to be mushing huskies in the winter.

Farewell Norway, hello Finland.
Long straight roads in Lapland, northern Finland. Very little traffic.
Extra wide for several km. A runway?
Smoked reindeer on the open sandwich and reindeer venison. Our first meal in Finland.
Beech forest together with conifers have accompanied us since we arrived in Scandanavia,
Fireweed along the roadsides. Not the freak post-fire swathes of punk fireweed we saw in Alaska, though.

20degC at the Arctic Circle.  We stripped off a layer if biking gear today.
How wonderful to meet up again with Ekki.
We met on Stahlratte when we sailed from Carti in Panama through the San Blas islands to Cartagena in Colombia.

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