Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 45: Lublin, Poland to Katowice. 510km 7.5hoursq

Each day we meet lovely people.
This ride serves as reminder everyday of the kindness and generosity of people everywhere. 
The simplest of kindnesses we can all share is a smile.

Any day is going to start well with Marta's wonderful smile.
Our stay at a small rural hotel in Lublin was a treat. 
Dinner last night was local food cooked with loving care.
This morning we had the best breakfast in 7 weeks.
Lovely buffet and a perfect omelet for me.

Lublin church. We see many churches today. Many are newish.
We ponder on the destruction wrought in Europe during the war. 
Death and destruction.
An example e of the hundreds of miles of wheat fields we see today. 
Harvest is not ready yet.
When will the wheat fields be harvested?
What will be the yield?

Makes me ponder on why we sometimes need to wait and other times we might miss the harvest season.

Uh Oh!  Two days in a row our GPS takes us to closed roads.
Never mind we get to explore a little rural township...

Where a man walks with his scythe...
... Off to mow a meadow.
And another works in his vegetable garden...


One of the lovely things that happen each day is that people come and  talk with us. Sometimes they share their dreams.
Kamil and Aneta were very curious about our journey. They looked so very much in love!

We met them during our first visit to a subway store in seven weeks.
A 15cm sub  for 9.9zloty about $nz2.20. Crisp thin bread. Tasted good.



Biker friends know this sequence....


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