Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 40: Oulu to Helsinki, 610km 8.5 hrs total 9,605km

Flowers are more abundant now
Coffe machines are ubiquitous
Press a button
Fill your cup.
There seems to be a subtle difference between the coffee in Finland  and Norway.
My sampling is weak...
I have only one cup of coffee a day.

Included in every place we have stayed.
Typically cereals, breads, cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, sliced cucumber, tomato and capsicum, lettuce, oil and vinegar. Scrambled eggs, bacon and potato cakes.

On the road. 
Straight for long distances,
Then weaving gently around lakes,
Mostly flat.
Lots of bells at our coffee house,
Thousands, big and small.

Easy arrival into Helsinki.
Saturday afternoon.

Walk the city four hours.
Like walking after riding a horse.
We go out on the harbour ferry
Being tourists in this lovely city.

A wonderful place to take a two day break.
World Capital Design City 2012

Today was our  40th day riding since we left London on 29 May. 
 We have ridden 9,605km and visited 8 countries. England, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark (2), Iceland, Norway, Finland.







Fireweed colonises wasteland and area where trees have been felled.

Mustard or canola?
More straight roads

Many lakes
The orthodox cathedral, the largest in Europe.
22carat gold leaf on the domes.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Globes to show us where we are going...
Plan A to Capetown
Plan B east through Pakistan, India, Nepal, east India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, home.



Dinner at Aino. 
Some traditional fare.
Vendace fish - small mild flavoured sardine like fish.

Slow cooked rolled pork.

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