Thursday, 7 July 2016

Day 37: Alta to NordKapp to Karasjok. 520km, 9.5hrs

Nordkapp 71deg10"North.
We have reached the northern most point of Europe.
A wonderful feeling,

Cocooned in fog at times
Trees becoming shrubbier,
Clear ocean vistas,
Coves and bays,
Reindeer herds,
Small fishing settlements,
I can  reach out and touch the clouds.

Sinuous roads,
Tunnels and bridges, of course

Heading south now,
As far south as we can ride.
The sun in our faces, 
High Clouds whorling,
Clouds gathering,
Home to a special place for the night.

A memorable day on the road.







North cape.





Dave Browning said...

Another country traversed. Great photos and memories. Agree that tunnels could be one of our solutions in National Parks. Also love the engineering and architecture, truly inspiring. We are off soon ourselves. Another 10 days and will be in Paris!!
Love Judy

Diana Hubbard said...

We loved being in Norway. Glad you liked the blog posts.
You would love Norway, too. Plenty of motorhomes and caravanners on the roads😉 Enjoy your last minute preparations for your trip.
We will be about two days from Paris when you arrive. Riding in the Swiss alps. X Dee