Monday, 4 July 2016

Day 34: Reine Rorbuers to Narvik. 360km, 8.5 hours

The Lofoten archipelago lived up to its reputation today.
Stunning mountain peaks,
Fishing villages with drying cod heads on racks,
Variable weather,
Stunning light,

We stayed in a rorbuer, a restored Fishermen's cottage in Reine.

People have lived here for at least 11,000 years at the transition from the early to late stone age. 
The islands have been at the centre of cod fishing for over 1000years. The cod season is in winter when cod migrate south from the Barents Sea to Lofotens to spawn. Agriculture has been significant here since the Bronze Age.

We set off early before the ferry traffic is on the road.
 Tunnels and bridges allow us to ride from island to island all the way to Narvik on the mainland.
Come, ride with us.

Reine Rorbuers, a busy fishing port with numerous racks of drying cod heads which are destined for the Nigerian market.








Farming along the route today. We are 68.4degN. 

We pulled up at the stop lights for road works,
Gidday... A kiwi
We  knew that another rider from Queenstown was on the road in Norway.
Our paths meet for the first time today.
Chris is heading for Murmansk and a ride to eastern Russia and back to Europe through Mongolia.
We are staying at the same hotel and dinner and storytelling are on the agenda.

We cross  several bridges linking island in the Lofotens today.


This is how to build a huge suspension bridge.


A happy gathering in Narvik. Dick and me with from L to R Yves, Eglantine, Pierretta, Pierre, Antonella and Peter. They are from Switzerland and France.  They have just returned from Nordkapp. 

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