Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day 33: Bodø to Reine Rorbuers, Lofoten Islands 17km 4 hour ferry trip

We had a restful day.
So restful that I fell asleep before I had written any words...

A ferry ride and about 15km on the road.
To the ferry in Bodø and then from Moskenes to Å and back to Reine.
Exploring Reine on foot and getting the feel for the cod fishing world. 

This is another world.

Herve is our angel today. 
When we lined up for the ferry with the other bikers I asked them if any of them had a problem with their Garmin GPS.
Herve's GPS went blank yesterday too...  and more importantly he knew how to fix it. 
Keep my driver fuelled up.
The Lofoten islands ahead.
Ashore at Moskenes, Lofoten.

Cod heads drying in Å.
Our home for the night. Refurbished fishermen's huts known as rorbuer.


The blacksmith at work in Reine.



Dave Browning said...

Love all the photos. What was that hanging on the drying racks? Fish of some sort? Love Judy and Dave

Diana Hubbard said...

Hi Dave, you guessed correctly. They are cod heads drying. Apparently they go to the Nigerian market. We needed this rest day - I fell asleep before I write the text for this post. Dee