Friday, 1 July 2016

Day 31: Molde to Steinkjer. 400km 7 hours

Riddle me this.... 
How is it that Molde, a town with 18,000 residents, has a 2,743m sub-sea tunnel and  Auckland with a population of around 1.8million hasn't managed to get a tunnel built under the harbour?
Norway has 33 subsea tunnels. They are being built to replace ferries to give people on islands and landlocked peninsulas access to regional centres.
We have been musing on the extensive tunnel system here in Norway and can see a lot of possibilities for New Zealand. 

We have left the region with the high mountainous fjords.
We see more agriculture and industry on our ride today.

Farming with abundant grass crops being mown and hay being made into baleage.
Huge stock barns at every farm settlement.
Barley and fields of wheat.
Delicious smell of strawberries as we rode past strawberry fields. Strawberries for sale at  road side stalls

Industry along the route. At the head of each fjord large manufacturing plants were located right on the shoreline.
Hydro  aluminium smelter in Hoyanger,  Norse skog wood fibremill in Levanger and other industrial plants we didn't identify. 

We are beginning to understand some of he road signs. See if you can read the words in the stop sign photo below.

Each small town has a church. Most have the date on the top of the steeple. Most were built in the 19th century but some are much older.











Ken said...

Oh yes . . . A tunnel under the Rimutakas with the road over the top restricted to motorsickles. Works for me!

jim kennedy said...

Dick and Di,
We just got home from a 25 day cruise in the Baltic and have loved catching up with your travels. All in my audiences now know of your adventures and will follow Pearls on Wheels and "ride" along with you. Our love to you both and wishes for safe travels.

Diana Hubbard said...

We are having a wonderful time exploring the Nordic countries. We saw cruise ships in several of the fjords here in Nirway and also in Reyjavik... They reminded us of you being in this hemisphere. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Dick is blogging too.

Diana Hubbard said...

Correction: Dick's blog is