Saturday, 9 July 2016

A place to sleep. Engholm Husky B&B, Karasjok

Our house tonight is a very fine house.

This is the house that Sven built.
Sven built the house and everything inside it.
He is a genius with wood.
Tree trunks, branches, burrs have a part to play.
A team of young folk help with the B&B and the husky dogs.
Kristel who cooks our meal came for two months twelve years ago and has never left.
A young woman has just arrived from Adelaide for a few weeks. Like a lot of young folk we have met in Europe she is working for her keep.
Similar to the way woofers do.


Who needs cupboards and a cutlery drawer?
Kristel prepared wonderful halibut stew for us. She told us that an 82 year old retired journalist supplies the fresh fish. She grows the salad greens in a shade house.
Table legs with character.
Breakfast and tea and coffee hanging at the ready.

Plates and napkins all have their place under the bench.
Reindeer skins, a dog sled and dainty chrysanthemums.
Our cabin with its timber slab table hoisted up
with strong chains.
Lampshades from found objects - moose antler and an animal skin.
Off to bed in a rustic log crib.
A bear skin hanging close.
Stubs of branches on a tree trunk make handy coat hooks.
Feathers fixed to drift wood for the lamp over the bed.

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