Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 8: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

A calm misty morning in port.

We go ashore and walk around the old town along narrow streets.

We meet some fellow tourists from another ship. They speak English - unlike many people aboard our ferry. Our knowledge of Nordic Languages is minimal. It is a delight when I meet Fred and Rachel from Chicago who have arrived in port on the Marco Polo. And then, Hana and Ingrid who are students working through the summer here.

Distinctive Faroe knitted clothes are available in the shops. I almost buy a finely knitted shawl when a woman  comments that it is lacy. I guess when I travel in my motorbike gear I don't look at all lacy. She is right. I leave it in the shop. Dick is pleased that I took note of the woman. There is no room on the bike for frills, only for my pearls. 

Fred and Rachel from Chicago.

Hana who is studying  hospitality in Finland is working during the summer vacation here in Torshavn.

Thanks, for the photo, Hana.  
This seat is a lot higher than the backseat of the motorbike. I didn't see anyone else climbing onto it.

I am always interested in the textiles and crafts wherever we visit.
It is summer time.
Most of these fabrics feel quite warm.
Some of the colours appeal to me. 


Knitwear Faroe style. 

This yacht was on its way.
We will be too, this afternoon.

 Rejoice and be glad.
It has been a wonderful day.

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